• MotherShape

    An object in which a child can play, using their imagination to customise the product, turning it into anything from a bird to a boat. Whilst sitting inside this product, the user can either experience a gentle rocking motion, or the simple freedom of movement across the room, enabled by wheels. MotherShape can however, also be static. The sides of the product have a range of slits and holes, allowing the user to customise the product as they please in order to create the story they wish, as well as having a surface that can be drawn on using dry wipe pens. All designs are © Emily Gunning.
  • MetaMorphasuit

    A trouser and top suit, made from a Lycra based material thus allowing enhanced elasticity. This suit is worn by the child who can then transform the appearance of the suit by stuffing the inner pockets causing the fabric to morph, or by adding other components to the suit using the provided attachments. The child can then become whoever/whatever they want to be. All designs are © Emily Gunning.
  • EasyChair

    ‘Easy Chair’ is a portable, fold-away chair for children aged 5 and 6. It contains an easily accessible zipped pocket underneath the seat which can carry the child’s ‘stuff’, i.e. pens, pencils, paper, small teddies, objects they collect or find, items of clothing etc. All designs are © Emily Gunning.